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Shipping blades

Our customers often ask “What is the best way to ship my knife to you?” We want your blades to arrive safely so here's a few tips and tricks for shipping.

Sending the blade in the sheath it came with is the best way to ship. Even if the sheath is not a very good one, if it covers the blade and helps protect the point it's better than no sheath. Even if you do not have a sheath for your blade, there are some things you can do to help protect it during shipping.

1. Send the blade in a nice sturdy box. An envelope is not sufficient to protect your steel. Packages often get tossed and blades can be damaged in a soft envelope. If there is no sheath, it can be dangerous to your postal carriers not to mention the fact that it just might cut it's way out of the envelope and get lost. Small Priority Flat Rate boxes work well for folders and small fixed blades. Standard sizes of boxes don't usually fit longer blades, so you may have to look for a box that fits.

2. You can cover the blade with a clean paperboard sleeve. This should help protect the steel from getting scratched. If you have one, a plastic tip cover will help protect the sharp point. You can also wrap the whole knife in bubble wrap and tape it securely around the blade.

3. Whether you are sending it with or without a sheath, tape the blade to the inside of the box. This way, if the box gets tossed your knife won't be bouncing around inside of it. It also helps deter sticky fingered carriers from making claims like “a corner of the box came open and it must have fallen out!“ A box that says “Benchmade” or “CRKT” could be enticing to knife theives so choose a box that does not have a company name.

4. Fill in the box with some sort of packing material. You can use bubble wrap, newspaper, packing peanuts, cloth or other lightweight materials to fill in the empty space. Tape all edges of the box closed. This secures your blade inside the box and helps keep out moisture should your box be left exposed to the elements somewhere along the way.

5. Insure your blade and get a tracking number. You should always purchase insurance from your carrier to cover the value of your blade should it become lost or stolen. USPS Priority Mail now includes $50 insurance. We will always ship your blade back to you with the amount of insurance that you specify.

Hopefully these tips will help your blades arrive safely and securely, so you can enjoy carrying your favorite EDC's wrapped in Kydex.

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