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Options and Extras


Rubber IWB Loops


Our rubber IWB loops will fit 1.25", 1.50", 1.75" and 2.00" belts. 


They are 7/8" wide with pull-the-dot snaps to provide a comfortable and secure way to carry your EDC.





Convert your OWB to an IWB
Our specially designed "wings" allow you to turn your OWB holster into an IWB.  Made from two layers of .08" thick Kydex for durability.  Attach the rubber IWB loops and your OWB can be worn IWB.  An easy way to add verastility to your carry options.  Fits our Silverback and Bobcat holsters.  Please let us know if you're ordering IWB wings for the Iguana holster.



Double-Thick Kydex OWB Loops


Made for hard use and training.  Molded with two layers of .08" thick Kydex.  These come standard with our Silverback and Bobcat OWB holsters as well as our  magazine and flashlight pouches.

Ultra-Flat Kydex IWB loop


Designed to fit with our Falcon Slimline IWB series.  Made from .08" thick Kydex, available for 1.50", 1.75", or 2.00" belts.

Angle Changing Ultra-Flat Kydex IWB loop


Want to change the angle of cant on your Falcon

Slimline IWB?  Just attach one of our angle-changing IWB loops!  Available in +/-5°, +/-10° or +/-15°



We use high-quality black oxide coated slotted posts and truss screws with thick washers.  Nice and secure.

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