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Dolphin Impact Tool

Comfortable in the hand, the tail and nose provide solid striking surfaces. Very concealable and designed to look non-threatening so it can be carried almost anywhere.


Each one is handmade from 1/4" blue and black G-10.   Please allow 4-6 weeks for crafting and delivery.


Please check out this review by Master At Arms, James A. Keating of our Dolphin Impact Tool and Kydex work.

Primal Options Custom Kydex!

NOTE: Due to safety concerns, we will no longer be working wit G10. We will be making our Dolphin Impact Tools out of Kirinite or other resins.

You can get a custom Kydex sheath for your Dolphin Impact Tool.  Please contact us and we will make the sheath you want, for either neck carry or belt carry.

Combat Cane

Our high quality hand-crafted canes are topped with a heavy, solid brass hame.  About the size of a doorknob, it fits comfortably in the hand while providing steady support.  Available in brass or chrome finish.


The 1-inch diameter shaft is avaliable in Black Walnut  or Hickory.  Black walnut is a strong hard wood that is commonly used to make rifle stocks. Hickory is a very lightweight, strong wood.  All shafts are stained and sealed to protect them from the elements which gives them a beautiful finish.


The hame is solidly attached with a very strong dual-acting epoxy in addition to the screw.  Solid and heavy, it makes an excellent tool for self-defense.


Comes with a replaceable rubber tip. Perfect for formal or everyday use. Please specify your preferred length when purchasing.


Each Combat Cane is handmade.  Please contact us for availability, pricing and turnaround time.

Impact Tools

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