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Custom Kydex Sheaths

We can make any type of Kydex sheath with any carry system you need.


Taco or pancake stylle, IWB, OWB, SOB, Appendix, neck, folder, etc.  


Kydex is available in a wide variety of colors and patterns.


Because Kydex is molded specifically for each item, you will most likely need to send us your knife or tool so we can custom mold your sheath.


The following prices are for black Kydex sheaths made with your item that you have sent to us.


  • < 5" blade length: $34.99

  • 6 - 6.9″ blade length $39.99

  • 7 - 7.9" blade length: $44.99

  • 8 - 8.9" blade length: $49.99

  • 9 - 9.9″ blade length: $54.99

  • 10 - 10.9" blade length: $59.99

  • 11 - 11.9' blade length: $64.99

  • 12 - 12.9' blade length: $69.99


For blade lengths over 13" please contact us for details.


Solid colors other than black usually add $7 and patterns add between $10 and $30.  Carry systems generally add between $5 and $30.


If you do not need to send us your blade and we have your model in stock to mold a sheath, the price increases by $5 for each blade length.




Knife Makers 


If you prefer to spend your time making knives, we can make your Kydex sheaths for you.


We enjoy working with knife makers and will do everything from small batches to high volume.


Prototype sheaths can be made for your knife orders. Contact us for details and pricing.


Quantity discounts available.

Check our Kydex sheath gallery for more pictures of our sheaths!

Carry Options for Blades

Frog button with static carry clip


This is one of the most comfortable and concealable ways to carry larger blades IWB.  For IWB carry (my personal favorite) The frog button hooks over your waistband and allows the blade to ride into a comfortable position whether sitting or standing.  The static carry clip goes over your belt and is tied to the sheath with a length of paracord.  It will retain the sheath upon drawing. We make two styles of frog button: reversible and non-reversible.


$15 when ordered with a sheath

$19 when ordered seperately (reversible only)

Non-reversible frog buttons are made custom for each sheath and can be made right or left handed.

Small Primal Clip

Designed to be easy to clip on and off of your belt, with large enough cutouts to put screws and posts in from either direction.  It has two "locking" tabs at the bottom and can be attached for vertical, horizontal, 30°, or 60° carry. Can be made for 1.5", 1.75" or 2" belts. Made from .125" thick Kydex. 1" spacing between holes. Comes with 2 sets of our high-quality hardware.

$20 each

Large Primal Clip

The large clip has same features as our small Primal Clip. Can be made for 1.5" or 2" belts. Made from .125" thick Kydex. 1.5" spacing between holes. Comes with 3 sets of our high-quality hardware.


$23 each

Reversible frog buttons can be switched to either side of the sheath for right or left handed carry

Horizontal Stabilizer


This system is designed to work with our small Primal Clip.  It features a horizonal bar with an added smaller clip so you can put one on either side of a belt loop.  This works for small of back carry or horizontal scout, left or right handed.  The smaller clip has a thick washer to help keep the handle close into your body. Made from .125" thick Kydex.


$27 each


This system also works with Spyderco G-clips and Tek-loks


Large Primal clip adds $3

Tek Lok adds $5

Soft Loops


These have pull-the-dot snaps and can be attached for IWB carry or horizontal OWB carry. Available in rubber, leather, or rubberized nylon.


$15 each

Primal Jaws


Paddle Clips


These clips are designed for IWB or OWB carry with or without a belt.


Made from .125" thick Kydex.  Comes with 2 sets of hardware. Attaches for 0°, 30°, 60°, and 90° carry. Works with our horizontal stabilizer.


$20 each




We carry both large and small Tek-Loks. Large tek-Loks are available in Dark Earth and Foliage as well as the standard Black.


$25 each




These are available in large or small.  Great for attaching your blade to your gear.


$15 each


Spyderco G-Clip©


A very tight, small, versatile loop.  Fits sheaths with 1" spacing.


$19 each




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