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Spring Newsletter

How do you carry your EDC?

This is the most important question we ask our customers. Picking your favorite color or pattern of Kydex is fun, but what we really need to know is: "How are you planning on carrying your favorite EDC?" We do our best to make all of our gear comfortable and concealable. All of the edges on our sheaths and holsters are rounded and sanded for maximum comfort. We try to avoid blocky, pointy, hard edges so nothing will dig into your flesh and printing is minimized. If you already have Kydex that you like and want a new carry system, we can make something that will work for you.

We have a varitey of carry systems. If you like to carry concealed IWB, we have rubber IWB loops with pull-the-dot snaps that are great for either blades or holsters.

If you have a larger blade that you want to carry IWB, we recommend a frog button with a static carry clip. The Kydex “button” rides on top of your waistband and allows the blade to rise and fall with you as you sit and stand. The static carry clip hooks over your belt or a belt loop and will retain the sheath upon drawing. If you want added security, you can tie the frog button to your waist with a bandana or sash in the traditional fashion.

Do you like to carry on your belt? We have 2 sizes of Primal Clips that easily slide over a belt and lock closed. These work best for vertical and 60° carry. Does your blade ride too high? We can make a low-ride back plate that will accommodate Primal Clips, Tek-Loks, Molle-loks, or Spyderco G-clips.

Don't like to wear a belt? Want to carry your new sheath on sweats or shorts? We make a paddle-clip that can be worn without a belt. We are also finalizing a new design, “Primal Jaws” that clamp together with rounded “teeth” to keep everything from sliding up, down, or side to side (Pictures coming soon!).

Do you like to carry your blade horizontally? We can make a belt-hugging horizontal loop that keeps the blade level and snug against your belt. This design is custom made for each sheath, so you can either send us your blade in the current sheath or let us make you a new custom Kydex sheath with this loop.

If you want a horizontal system with more versatility, we can send you a Primal Clip with our horizontal stablizing system. You can attach this to any sheath that will accommodate our hardware We'll just need to know the spacing of the holes on your sheath and the length of the blade. This system was designed with two clips so you can position one on either side of a belt loop. This system helps keep the handle from sagging downward and keeps it close to your belt.

Want a quick, easy way to carry horizontally? Just add two rubber IWB loops!

Do you want the option of carrying your blade inverted? Just let us know and we'll make sure you can tighten the retention screw for maximum security. Do you want to be able to push the sheath off with your thumb for a smooth, quieter draw? We can add a thumb-push. Do you have a push dagger that might get snagged on a seatbelt and accidentally drawn? We can add a Kydex finger release for added security. For ease of cleaining, we'll add a drain hole at the tip that is just the right size for that little red tube on a can of air. You can even rinse out your sheath, just be sure to allow it to dry completely before re-sheathing.

Here at Primal Options, customer requests and feedback are the driving forces behind our constant evolution. If you have an idea for a carry system, don't hesitate to have us build it for you!. We just made a matching set of pancake-style wings for a customer who wanted to carry his small folder at a 45° angle, very close to the belt. The idea for the new Primal Jaws came from a customer who wanted to wear his blades with basketball shorts. We made a custom back plate for an Aqua Lung Dive Knife so the customer could attach the blade to his gear. We also designed a cross-draw holster upon request. If you tell us what you have in mind, we will build the perfect sheath or holster that is right for you!

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Valid March 20, 2017 through April 3, 2017

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