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 Please check our In Stock page for items available for immediate shipment.


If you would like to order a custom Kydex holster please fill out our Holster Order Form when making your purchase.  Please contact us to order custom knives, Kydex sheaths, magazine, or flashlight pouches.


We accept paypal and all major credit cards.  


At Primal Options we make every effort to make each holster, pouch, and sheath as comfortable and concealable as possible.  Each piece is hand shaped  and contoured to fit the body and all edges are rounded and polished for comfort.  Retention and comfort are fine tuned during final inspection before shipping.



Every order is handmade in the USA to the customer's specifications using the finest American made materials available.


 Our warranty is simple: If you wear out or break a piece of Primal Options Kydex gear we will repair or replace it at no charge.  If you aren't happy neither are we.  Send it back to us, explain the problem and we will make it right.
Silverback long rounded cut GLOCK 19_23_26_32
Bowie Dmascus RG22 (1)600.jpg
Silverback long rounded cut GLOCK 19_23_26_32
Custom Kydex Glock holsters
Custom Kydex OWB Standard Cut
Falcon G30s Kryptek w pouches n twist (1).jpg
Slimline HKP7M8s.jpg
Silverback Sigp226 (3).jpg
Silverback Sigp226 (4).jpg
Custom Kydex Holster Ruger GPS100
Custom Kydex Graveyard Camo Yaqui
Custom Kydex sheaths for AlleyGators
Custom Kydex OWB Sig P229
Custom Kydex double mag pouch
Custom Kydex flashlight pouch
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