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Yaqui OWB Holster, The Chimp

Yaqui OWB Holster, The Chimp

YOU MUST FILL OUT OUR CUSTOM HOLSTER ORDER FORM AFTER PURCHASING to tell us your make, model and carry side.

Our mid-size OWB Holster, The Chimp. Made from .08" thick Kydex for lasting durability and fit.

Adjustable retention.

After placing your order, please fill out our Holster order form to choose options such as Make, Model, cut, carry side, etc.

If you have chosen a color or pattern other than solid black, please specify your preference in the order form. Patterns will be on the front side with a matching solid color on the back.
  • Details

    Standard Features

    Molded with.08" thick black Kydex. If you would like another color or pattern please choose a type when ordering and specify your preference in our order form.

    Full Sweat guard or no sweat guard. Please specify your preference on our Holster Order form after placing your order.

    Our standard cut is a 10° forward cant which makes concealing the firearm grip easier. If you prefer any angle between 0-15° we can accommodate you at no extra charge.

    All Bobcat Yaqui Holsters come standard with double thick 1.5” Kydex belt loops. 1.75”or 2” available upon request at no extra charge.
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